Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Zealand cricket team

Hi my name is Rory and I am doing a blog post about the Black Caps Cricket team .I am doing facts about the Black Caps which is New Zealand's cricket team. The Black Caps have played 399 test matches.Winning 80 of the test matches losing 160 test matches and drawing 159 test matches.

The Black Caps captain is Brendan McCullum. And the Black Caps coach is Mike Hesson. My favourite Black Caps cricket player is Ross Taylor. Ross Taylor started playing cricket when he was five. The Black Caps are my favorite cricket team in the world. The Black Caps played their first match in 1832. And Kane Williamson is Mr Moriarty's favourite Black Caps player.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Go Karts

In the holidays my cousin Mitchell brought his go karts down to the race track so every body in my family can have a turn at driving. Mitchell is a pro go kart racer he has lots and lots of Trophys  he is a car racer too. I almost crashed the go kart that i was using.Davis had a fast take off but got to scared and stoped the go kart.My brother Xav my dad and some of my other cousins had a time race and Mitchell won.