Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Hey its me again. Today I'm going to be sharing what we have been doing for P.E. We have been doing three activities. We have been doing Running, Jumping and Throwing. The last one I did was running with Mrs Love. We did relays with batons. For the last Race we had to pair up with another pair of buddy's and we had to have one person in your team to go on each corner. Then we had to run to the other corner and pass the baton to the next person. I was the last runner for my team so I didn't have to pass the baton. I just had to run to the end. My team ended up finishing 2nd because Oscar Wilkinson sprinted ahead of me.

Here is a picture of me Running with a Baton

Writing Blog Post

Hi its me again and today I'm going to be sharing my Narrative writing that I did with Mr M. I hope you enjoy it.

Lost in the Woods

One day Rory and Tyler heard about Clowns in the woods. So they had a plan to go there the next day. In the morning they had to get their bags packed with food and water and other stuff they need just in case if people try to attack us They had to walk a long way to get there. Once they were there they got their weapons and started walking into the woods.

All of a sudden they see a man in a clown suit holding balloons. They start walking closer and reaching into their bags at the same time. Then the clown put his head to the side and started laughing. Then another clown came out with a pumpkin and a knife and stabbing the pumpkin So Rory and Tyler started walking away slowly when somebody that isn’t a clown and he tapped us on the shoulder and they Stood still in shock.

They turned their heads slowly to see who it was. When they see who it was they Ran in different directions Tyler went to the Left and Rory went to the right. 10 minutes later Tyler hid behind a tree when he peeked out to see if they were still there and when he looked he saw one of them walking in the other direction. Once the Clown was gone Tyler started walking into the direction he was running in and he was found by a Clown. The Clown Started chasing him and laughing at him and beeping his horn. Tyler started sprinting towards an abandoned Building.

When Rory sees Tyler running in there he runs in after him. Tyler runs up stairs and Finds Rory up there. Rory asks Tyler if he has the weapons but he says no I think i dropped them while running. We have to go there gonna find us here. Tyler and Rory run out the door running straight past the clowns and Jeff the Killer. 20 minutes later Tyler and Rory see the road and run out of the woods.

The End

My Math blog post

Hi its me again and today I'm going to be showing you me and Daniel's Show me for our maths We did EA and Reverse hope you enjoy

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Digi Art

Hi, It's me again and today I am going to be sharing my Digi art. We all got to pick one there was Sketch, Digi or Painting. I like my Art because I did it about something I that I have seen and know a lot about.  My favorite part of my art is the Computer Monitors because they have stuff that I go on to when I'm on my computer a lot.

Here is a Picture of my Art

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Art Blog Post

This is my art

Do you want this awesome moon and sun art.
Go ahead while they are still in stock.
Only for $10.00.
You an buy a diary, calendar, note pad and cards.
Made By Rory Cameron

Monday, September 12, 2016

Colour poem

Colour Poem

WALT to use descriptive language to help create an image (picture) in our reader's head

Success Criteria
  • Use adjectives to describe the noun
  • Use adverbs to describe the verb (describe how the action is happening)
  • Use a range of verbs to explain what is happening
  • Use a range of nouns that help us identify with a colour


Black is the Colour of…….

  • A wicked witch zooming dangerously from castle to castle in search of potions
  • A lazy cat waiting patiently by the roaring fire for its night-time feed
  • A  majestic panther stalking its prey tactfully through the dense forest
  • A piece of licorice inviting me to sneak it from the brightly coloured box

Red is the colour of ……..

  • Slippery lipstick running down my face
  • A bright red Ferrari zooming fast in the race
  • Blood running down my foot, puddling on the ground
  • A rotten strawberry smelling like cheese
  • The sweet juicy raspberry dripping  from my mouth as I bite into it
  • A juicy watermelon inviting me to chomp on it
  • The courageous vampire biting into a man’s fresh skin squirting blood

Green is the colour of ……..

A Neon green Lambo Racing furiously down the street
Green Grass Flowing rapidly on the Football Field
A Green Nike Football Rolling swiftly into the goal
Green Leaves Flying majestically through the wind
A watermelon Exploding literally like a volcano



Hi and welcome back to my blog today I am going to be sharing my maths task that I made with Paris

We had to make a plan of using our times table for division and when we had finished our plan we had to get an iPad and use show me to record us doing a video


Our Finished Video

Friday, August 12, 2016

Workshop Prove it

Hi and welcome back to another post. Today I am going to be sharing my maths prove it. Enjoy.

Workshop Prove It

I learnt how to do a pictograph

Here is an example:IMG_0543.JPG

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Holidays

In the holidays I did a lot of  fun stuff. I took my dog for a walk and we played Monopoly.  I went to Football camp and I made scones with my little brother Davis. At football camp, Jacob Hansen and Camden Russell were there. We played a lot of games and did some drills. At morning tea time and lunch time we were allowed to go and play with the football. It was so fun there, I wish it went for longer.

On the last day in the morning, we just played games like bull rush, sea weed and train tag. Then in the afternoon we did the world cup but it wasn't country teams; we were allowed to make our own name. There was a junior tournament and a senior tournament. My team name was Pink fluffy unicorns. We made it to the semi finals and it was a tough game. At half time the score was nil all. When there was 1 minute left my teammate Sam chipped it up and got it to me and I scored to win it. I was so happy when I scored it. We made it to the final and it was another tough game!
In the first minute they just about scored but no, they missed. Then before half time they scored to take the lead 1 nil.
After half time they scored again to win 2 nil. At the end of the game, they were jumping around all jumped in a pile.
Before we left they gave the winners of the junior and senior winners of the world cups a G Force and a mini McDonald ball. Every one got a McDonald ball but there was one more prize and that was for someone who was a role model to all the other kids and wasn't silly during the drills and the games. They gave it to me!
I was so happy when they said my name. I heard Jacob Hansen say "Yeah Rory."

 Me making Bacon and egg pie
 Me with the prize I won                         Me making bacon and egg pie.                

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Passion Project

Hey guys its Rory again and today I am going to be sharing my Passion project. It is not finished but I still like it.

Here is my passion project reflection.

Passion Projects Reflection

Please answer all of the following questions

Describe your passion project. What was your learning in it? What were you trying to produce? My passion project was scooter tricks and the learning in it was learning new tricks

How far did you get with your passion project? What would have helped you to get further? I got pretty far i almost finished it I think that i could of finished it if i charged my computer at night and didn’t sit next to my friends all the time

What was the most challenging part of your passion project? My most challenging part would probably be recording and uploading it to the slide because when you are recording you need to do it right and when I was trying to put it on the slide i didn’t know how at first but then i asked somebody in my group and they told me how

What was surprising about your passion project? The surprising thing about my Passion Project would be almost finishing because normally i was mucking around with my friends

Did you follow your plan well? Why or why not?  I did follow my plan well because I wanted to finish it but i only just failed

Which learning muscles did you use the most while you were working on your passion project? How did you use each one? I probably used collaboration most because me and Daniel were working together when we needed help

Which learning muscles did you find difficult to stretch during passion project time? I found my managing distractions muscle hard to stretch

Include a picture/embedded link to your passion project Passion Project Link

If you were allowed to pick a new passion project, what would you choose and why? I would choose Football because it’s my favorite sport and i know some skills as well

What was your favourite part of passion projects? My favorite thing about Passion projects would probably doing something you like to do after school and something you love during school time

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Self Reflection

Hey guys. Welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be sharing my self reflection task. So here it is

 Self-Reflection questions for reports

Please answer 6 of these questions in as much detail as possible. Be careful of your writing as this will go on your report. Delete the other questions.

  1. What is your favourite thing about being in Rimu hub? My favorite thing in Rimu hub was probably camp because we got to play fun games and do a river walk
  2. What do you think about being able to choose your own workshops? I think it’s good that we can choose our own workshops because
  3. What license do you think you are on and why? I think i'm on restricted because i normally get distracted and talk to my friends and sometimes talk in the quiet room and  think i should stop sitting next to my friends all the time
  4. Which learning muscles do you think you need to work on and why? I think i need to the work on my managing distractions muscle because some of the time I'm muck around playing with my friends
  5. Is there a time that you have shown leadership in Rimu hub? Explain it. I've shown leadership at the start of the year when me and Reuben were learning buddies on the mat i would always tell him to sit up so we could get a green card
  6. What is your favourite subject and why? Probably passion projects because we get to choose our own thing that we wanted to do.

My favorite thing in Rimu hub was probably camp because we got to play fun games and do a challenging river walk. I think it’s good that we can choose our own workshops because I can be in charge of my own learning.I think i need to the work on my managing distractions muscle because a lot of the time i'm normally mucking around playing with my friends. I think i should stop sitting next to my friends all the time.  I've shown leadership with my learning buddy. I help him with behaviour and learning tasks. My favourite subject is probably passion projects because we get to choose our own thing that we wanted to learn and do.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Quick Write

When we got on the bus I was really excited because we were going to Akina park for Barefoot 7's. In the first game we played Mahora school.game. In the first half I cut my ear. After the game my coach put the tape that adult rugby players wear. So I had to Wear that for every game. I scored one try and that was against Napier we beat them about 4-1 or 4-0 but i dont know. then in our last game we faced Flaxmere. We beat them like 4 or 5-2 i dont know aswell then after that game i took the tape off and at one part i had to get my coach to do it because the Bandage was stuck to the tape. So he had to take the bandage off the tape so he could get it off but then one part was taking to long to get off so he had to rip it off. It hurt a lot i was about to cry. Then we started walking to the bus but we had a little play on the playground with Cameron's team. While we were at the Playground we did some shots in the little hole thing with the rugby ball. The day was so much fun I want to do it again.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Complex Workshop Prove it

Complex sentences are a tricky kind of sentence that we need to try to use as a Level 3 writer. I went to a workshop about it, even though I didn't have to. I wanted to learn more.

Workshop Prove It

I learnt Complex Sentence

Here is an example: Due to snow, school was cancelled.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Napier city rover Football Game

On Sunday I went to Blue water stadium for some football practice with the Napier City Rovers.
Since we were there we got to be the ball kids for the game. It was so much fun and I want to do it again.
The kids from Parkvale that were doing it were me, Cameron, Oscar W, Amos, Jacob H, Liam H and Camden. We got free food since we were ball kids. We got Raro, little cut up bits of sausage, chips and bread

Here is a picture of me as a ball kid.

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Hi welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be sharing my iPROUD. We had to share our best learning and I chose my camp letter

My Best Learning

This is my Camp letter



Dear Jono

Thank you for coming on camp with us and taking time off work. You were a really good driver by not making it  boring and doing Singing competitions and surprisingly, we weren't the only ones singing because we all heard you singing.

You helped out a lot of kids and you were really nice. My favorite part about Camp was the river walk because it was really fun but cold near Omatua and you helped everyone out. My second favorite part of camp was the soccer game because the teams were really fair and since they were so fair, you and Mr M chose a team each to play for.

Thanks again

Yours sincerely
Rory Cameron

I am proud of this because I put a lot of effort into this letter

My biggest challenge on camp was the Swing Bridge because I have never done it and I can get nervous easily.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Camp Omatua and Weka

Hi welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to show you my Camp Reflection. We had to think about some times from camp and reflect.

Camp Reflection Task

Choose at least 4 questions to answer.

What was your favourite part of camp and why?
My favorite part of camp is the River Walk because it was fun but cold and swimming down it was probably the best part about the River Walk.

Rate camp out of 10 and explain your rating.
10 because it was fun didn't need anyone to help and I was occupied a lot of the time and I had no issues about anything  

What was your biggest achievement? Explain
My biggest achievement was going on the Swing Bridge because I have never been on it and I can get nervous easily

Explain your car ride
It was really fun because we did singing competitions and surprisingly I won one of them! Jono even won one of them as well.  

Describe your wire bridge experience
At first I was a bit nervous but when I saw everyone else doing it I knew that I could do it.
At the start I was nervous and in the middle I was a little nervous and at the end I was proud of myself.

Thank you for looking at my Blog :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Favorite book Task

Hi welcome to my favorite book Blog post. This is one of the learning tasks we did in Rimu Hub . It was a fun task, choosing your favorite book and writing about it. I chose Diary of a Wimpy kid Long Haul because I have seen a lot of the movies as well. Maybe all of them. They are really good and funny. I have read some of the books except for 2 or 1 I think. 

Here is what it says if you can not read it.

This is my favorite book because it's a good book for kids and it is funny and a cool book. I have read every book but some I have not because I don't have them. The weirdest one out of all of them is Fregly because he is just so weird and annoying. The best part about this book is when the Dad of another family walks out in his underwear. It was Really Funny

Thursday, February 11, 2016

First Blog Post Of 2016

Hi my name is Rory and this is how my holidays went. In the holidays, I did a lot of things. Here is some pictures. Just letting you know some pictures are not of me but of my family.

These are some good moments of the holidays. My favourite photo is probably me and Davis at the beach. The day that I went fishing, me and my brother Xav were the only ones who caught a fish and mine was the biggest. Xav caught a small fish. The best thing about my holidays was at Splash Planet with my family :)

I am looking forward to a great year at school, and next week I will be blogging some learning tasks.
Thanks for reading.