Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Hey its me again. Today I'm going to be sharing what we have been doing for P.E. We have been doing three activities. We have been doing Running, Jumping and Throwing. The last one I did was running with Mrs Love. We did relays with batons. For the last Race we had to pair up with another pair of buddy's and we had to have one person in your team to go on each corner. Then we had to run to the other corner and pass the baton to the next person. I was the last runner for my team so I didn't have to pass the baton. I just had to run to the end. My team ended up finishing 2nd because Oscar Wilkinson sprinted ahead of me.

Here is a picture of me Running with a Baton


  1. WOW done rory a great blog post there. I like how you said the things we did. it was a very close and the end rory great race.
    Well Done :)

  2. Well done Rory! I really like how you explained what you had to do. It was a really close race between you Oscar. Nice post!

  3. grate post.I know why you came second because you gave it 900%.

  4. really cool Rory I like the photo with you holding a baton :)