Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Writing Blog Post

Hi its me again and today I'm going to be sharing my Narrative writing that I did with Mr M. I hope you enjoy it.

Lost in the Woods

One day Rory and Tyler heard about Clowns in the woods. So they had a plan to go there the next day. In the morning they had to get their bags packed with food and water and other stuff they need just in case if people try to attack us They had to walk a long way to get there. Once they were there they got their weapons and started walking into the woods.

All of a sudden they see a man in a clown suit holding balloons. They start walking closer and reaching into their bags at the same time. Then the clown put his head to the side and started laughing. Then another clown came out with a pumpkin and a knife and stabbing the pumpkin So Rory and Tyler started walking away slowly when somebody that isn’t a clown and he tapped us on the shoulder and they Stood still in shock.

They turned their heads slowly to see who it was. When they see who it was they Ran in different directions Tyler went to the Left and Rory went to the right. 10 minutes later Tyler hid behind a tree when he peeked out to see if they were still there and when he looked he saw one of them walking in the other direction. Once the Clown was gone Tyler started walking into the direction he was running in and he was found by a Clown. The Clown Started chasing him and laughing at him and beeping his horn. Tyler started sprinting towards an abandoned Building.

When Rory sees Tyler running in there he runs in after him. Tyler runs up stairs and Finds Rory up there. Rory asks Tyler if he has the weapons but he says no I think i dropped them while running. We have to go there gonna find us here. Tyler and Rory run out the door running straight past the clowns and Jeff the Killer. 20 minutes later Tyler and Rory see the road and run out of the woods.

The End

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